How a Stationery Pack Can Boost Your Business

Professional and sleek stationery packs are a great way to boost your business while showing off your brand identity. Many people opt for business cards when they decide to purchase stationery; while these are a must for any company, there are so many options and benefits besides – its often the small things that count. As well as handing out business cards, provide a compliment slip with a personal message after doing business with a customer, add a thank you note, a coupon or a money off code. Customers love getting something for free so throw in a branded pen or mug for a bit of low cost advertising.


Brand Consistency & Recognition

Printing your logo or company design on every piece of stationery you use is a low cost way to maintain brand consistency, start building a good reputation and some solid foundations in the business world. As customers get to know your company they will recognise your logo instantly; even people who haven’t personally used your service will start to recognise the distinctive design of your company if it pops up in enough places.


Having a good quality design, logo or business information included on all correspondence screams professionalism. This automatically makes your company more trustworthy through the eyes of a customer and any other businesses you have a professional relationship with. Combine this with a quality product and excellent customer service and your company will quickly build a great reputation.

Unconventional Advertising

Think outside the box and make sure people know who you are by providing bonus items to people who use your business. A pen, notepad or wine in a personalised box are a good start and will remind customers who you are, making them more likely to think of you in the event they need that service again. This approach also has a bonus advertising effect for you as items like pens and notepads get carried around, passed on or used by other people. A notepad can have 50 sheets with your branded details printed – 50 opportunities for the person to get in touch.

Convey a message

By utilising a stationery package, being consistent with your brand and maintaining a professional approach, customers will build up enough trust in you to listen to what you have to say. Create a relevant message to your valued customers using personalised stationery. For example, an environmental company could use recycled paper and encourage the consumer to recycle too or a shop selling cycling gear could print road safety tips on the back of their business cards.

Save time

Finally, having everything you need printed in advance or bulk saves a huge amount of time in the long run. Printed letterheads mean you don’t have to take the time to add your contact information, address or website information to everything you send out in the post.

When you decide to have your stationery printed, it’s important to reflect the hard work you have put in to your business and not cut corners with the quality of paper or the print process that you use. A professional printing company such as will help you to achieve this in the highest quality, affordable way and tailored to your business or specific needs.

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